I’m Back!

So, I was just telling a friend of mine the other day that it had been a whole year since I had posted anything here…I check in and come to find out that it’s been two! Yikes!! Time really does fly!

Now that school is out for the summer and I’m on vacation I’ve got loads of crafting and sewing planned. Probably enough projects for three summers! Stay tuned As I work my way through them.

Below are some samples of cards I’ve made this month . The cards were made for a stamp workshop, using Stampin’ Up products.  My side business of selling Stampin’ Up is going great! I just completed year two and made the Silver level! I have an enormous gratitude for the gals who buy through me; they have been encouraging and really fun to work with.

Now to the gardening…another passion. The little evergreen in the pot on our front porch needed some company. Lowes had a bunch of healthly perrenials on clearance (they have the best clearance section) and each of these annuals were a dollar! I was able to fill in a few other bare spots in the garden, too and spent just $15.


Here is another photo of some of the annuals I purchased. Made a bit of a mess on the porch as I should have taken the pots to the back yard for the planting but the hose took care of that later 😉. With a little Alaska fish food fertilizer, my go to plant food,  these little guys will fill in and grow nicely for some welcoming color!


Thank you for joining me today!  I hope to get on a regular schedule so stay tuned! I hope you have a blessed day!