Happy Fourth!

Do you go somewhere to watch a parade on July 4th? We drive a little South to Sedro Wooley, WA. One of your typical small towns with that friendly, welcoming feel as you walk or drive through. Many of the houses along the parade route are decorated in the red, white and blue. Hundreds of flags flying …very patriot and fun!

I’ve had a goal for a while now to make a Fourth of July themed quilt. Something to sit on while we watch the parade and that would also go nicely in our basement family room. So happy to say that I finally made it! I found most of the fabric on-line from Missouri Star Quilt Company  in a stack of ten inch pre-cut squares. The print with the cream background and words is from JoAnn Fabrics.  The sashing and backing is broadcloth and also from Joann’s. It just took  two afternoons. The quilting was a breeze and it washed up real nice. It feels so good to have this done and in plenty of time for the holiday, too!!

Thanks for checking in today! I hope you have a wonderful, safe Fourth of July weekend!

Blessings to you,